Are the clothes new?

Yes, the clothes are usually pulled from shelf by the stores. These are items that were at one time available for sale in stores but never purchased.

Are the electronics new?

Yes, usually they are items with damaged boxes.

Do you deliver outside the GTA?

Yes, but you would have to pay for shipping.

Can I return the clothes?

All clothes are final sales, however if you find damage to the product you may be able to return to pick-up location.

Can I return electronics?

Yes, if the item is damaged may be able to return item in its packaging to the pick-up location.

Is wholesale available?

Yes wholesale is available on some items at 25%off.

Can I have a logo on my uniform items?

Yes items can have logos with iron on stamp at an additional cost.

Can I pay with cash?

Yes cash is accepted only in person pick-up at pick-up location.